Your support, their future!

Surfrider is 100% dependent on its board, volunteers, donations and involved network. Because of these donations and gifts Surfrider Foundation Holland Coast can continue to campaign on a national and international level. 

Support Surfrider financially? Become a donor, sponsor, make a one-time donation or sign up as a volunteer! For other ideas or project-related sponsorship, please contact us.



Business sponsor
Campaigns and programs cover several years. As a company sponsor you structurally support Surfrider Foundation Holland Coast which allows us to do more work on a larger scale. 
We are happy to build a lasting relationship with your company. 

* With structural sponsorship we are happy to organize a nice corporate clean-up event for you and your employees.


Surf Creative

Are you an artist, illustrator, designer, craftsman, plastic waste hobbyist, photographer or creative jack-of-all-trades who gets his inspiration from the sea, surfing or nature?

Surfrider is happy to work with you. We promote your work / news through our channels and you donate a small percentage of your income to Surfrider. This way we help each other!

Glimlachende Mens


By becoming a donor, you can financially support the Surfrider Foundation Holland Coast and Surfrider Europe. You can make a one-off contribution or donate periodically. You can become a donor starting at € 11 per month. Questions? please contact us. 


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We are always looking for enthusiastic volunteers who want to represent us as surfrider ambassadors of the North Sea during beautiful events, clean-ups and beach days.

We have a nice volunteer FB group and organize social events to keep our volunteers involved.

Mail our volunteer manager Riordan directly via holland.volunteers@surfrider.eu