This campaign focuses on single-use plastic and especially bottles. After one-time use of these bottles, they go into the garbage can or end up on the streets and into our sea. Not only the production of single-use plastic is harmful but research shows that these bottles and their caps are one of the biggest polluters of the oceans worldwide. Surfrider works together with partners on sustainable solutions.



MIZU and Surfrider work together on a sustainable future. We love the MIZU bottles because of their honest production and top quality. MIZU can personalize the bottles with company logo and/or Surfrider logo! MIZU makes a donation to Surfrider for every order made through us.


How does it work?

Contact us if you want to order MIZU bottles for your company.



Plastic pollution suffocates our ocean and the many animals that call it home. Researchers estimate that there are now more than 525 trillion pieces of plastic in the ocean and the number is still growing every day. In the meantime, the situation is so bad that not only the larger marine animals, but even the smallest organisms in the ocean contain plastic. These form the basis of the food chain. The conclusion is that not only do marine animals die here, but that we poison our own food sources. Time for action!

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