The strength of Surfrider Foundation worldwide lies in the dedication of a very large group of volunteers. This group is of unprecedented value and is committed to a better future for our seas and oceans. Surfrider is one big worldwide family. Together we ensure the implementation of campaigns and the setting up of projects for a better future. In the Netherlands we have a growing volunteer pool. Our board members work on 100% volunteer basis as well. In Europe, 29 local chapters are active in nine different countries, one of which is the Netherlands. Do you want to become part of our family? We are always looking for motivated good people with a heart for the North Sea. Check our vacancies here!



With the Surfrider Foundation Holland Coast I want to ensure that clean beaches, a clean Northsea and the preservation of surf spots become the new norm. Our negative impact is becoming visible in the form of climate change and pollution. We make our positive impact by cleaning up the beaches, providing information and by having a growing community of volunteers who want the best for our beaches and Northsea. We must preserve the happiness and pleasure that surfing gives us and I am proud to be part of this mission!



Ever since I was a child, I was crazy about water and especially the ocean! I want to share, protect and cherish the pleasure I get from the ocean. But this does not only apply to the ocean, all life on earth deserves a nice and safe place. This idea is reflected in my work, my social life and all other aspects. I love water sports, but surfing in particular brings me so much joy! It calms me when my head overflows, takes care of me when I'm sad, but above all nothing makes me happier than having a good solid surfing session with my friends. I want to share this feeling with others and spread my love for the ocean amoung others!



When I was spotting a whale in New Zealand six years ago, a marine biologist told me that on average autopsy a whale stomach contains 8 kg of plastic. He mentioned objects in the stomach that made me feel sick hearing about it, let alone the microplastics that the animals ingest. The more I travel, the more I realize that we are obligated to take better care of our beautiful planet.

Since six years I have been committed and helping wherever I can to keep nature clean and in particular the ocean! I have practiced all forms of water sports and still (kite) surf and sail as much as I can. I love the waves, the wind and I love to "play" with the elements of nature. I forget everything around while surfing. The ocean has given me so much,I am happy to give back. I'm helping surfrider by sharing my knowledge on Finance within my treasurer position.  It's a beautiful world we live in, let’s protect it!


Events & volunteers manager

As a volunteer and event manager of Surfrider Foundation Holland Coast, my goal is to protect our beautiful coast and the North Sea by inspiring and involving as many people as possible in the care of our North Sea.

My love for the ocean began when my father took me as a boy to go fishing. He taught me: "Leave it as you would like to find it". As a surfer I have spent many beautiful hours in the ocean and on the coast. She gives us life, love and beauty! It's time to give back!



As a board member and volunteer for Surfrider Foundation Holland Coast I contribute to a better future for the North Sea and our oceans worldwide. In my years as chairwoman, the focus was on rebuilding the chapters foundation. Now that there is a solid new base, we can focus on growth, new campaigns and sustainable partnerships. The North Sea has brought me so much in life, not only beautiful waves but also many friendships, my husband, inspiration for my art and much more. It is my home and I hope that many generations can enjoy this unique place. Leave nothing but sandcastles!


Ocean Initiatives Campaign Manager

I have a special connection with the sea. Growing up by the shore I spent my most joyful moments there. I reconnected with this joy five years ago when I started surfing and since then I cannot imagine my life without getting wiped out.  Now, I need to protect this playground. That's exactly why I joined the community of Surfrider,  to protect and restore ocean health.


The Northsea needs you support

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