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2023 GOALS

In 2023 we will work on the 3 most important missions of Surfrider.

(1) Marine litter supported by the Ocean Initiatives.
(2) Ocean Friendly Restaurants

(3) Water Quality & Health supported by the campaign Ocean  Friendly Restaurants.

We also want to carry out water measurements at specific locations in the Netherlands to map (illegal) pollution (supported by the Coastal Defenders team from Surfrider Europe).

We only take on activities that fall within these three core missions in order to keep our focus and achieve our goals. 

Besides our campaigns, we will keep on building our local chapter by:

- growing our volunteer base

- working towards new content and communications strategy

- We also want to continue to grow at the core of our organization by attracting knowledgeable and experienced new team members. Read the full annual plan here:



Surfrider Foundation is an international organization creating positive change defending and protecting the ocean, the coastline, the waves. Now that Surfrider Foundation has received recognition at European level, Surfrider has also become an important player in the European debate on coastal development, water quality and plastic soup.

The actions of Surfrider international are not only intended to make the population more aware, but also to take active steps towards governments, industry and the EU through international data collection.

Our local chapter supports this international vision.

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