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The Ocean Initiatives campaign is the largest Surfrider campaign worldwide! The plastic soup problem is central to this campaign. Through awareness, education, data collection and lobby we make a huge difference worldwide in the fight against plastic.

How does it work?
Organize a cleanup with your company, family or friends or register with one of the organized cleanups by Surfrider.

1. Organize your own cleanup? Go directly to the official Ocean Initiatives website for all info, registration and free cleanup kit!

2. Organize a cleanup together with Surfrider Foundation Holland Coast? Contact our Ocean Initiatives campaign manager directly at

3. Want to join an existing cleanup? On the Ocean Initiatives website you can find all local cleanups divided by country.

Over 44,000 people in 28 different countries have already committed to to make a change.

1294 cleanups were counted and new initiatives are added every week.

Ocean Initiatives are clean-up actions on beaches, lakes, rivers and sea beds all over the world. These litter collections are organized by volunteers with the support of Surfrider Foundation Europe.

The beach and the sea are filled every year with more than 6 MILLION tons of waste. This plastic accumulates in the sea, with the result: plastic soup, marine animals dying en masse, irreversible pollution and a sad future in which our children and grandchildren will ultimately experience all the consequences.

Pollution in the sea is in direct line with the contamination of our food and the risk of poor health and human diseases. Time for action!

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